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Bengaluru family falls sick after BBMP tars the road in front of their house after a decade

18, Mar 2018 By dasu

Bengaluru: George Kutty, a Bengaluru based resident for past decade has written a strong letter to BBMP officials. In the letter Mr. Kutty has blamed BBMP engineer for tarring the road in front of his house after a decade without doing consultation with the residents staying there. ‘The sudden change’ of environment has affected the health of Mr. Kutty’s family as well as others staying in the same lane.


“This is what happens as time and again BBMP does it’s manmani. Public consultation always remains on paper”, said upset looking Mr. Kutty.

Mr. Kutty shared the reason behind his anger. He said, “Purchased this site from my retirement kitty more than ten years back. There were no tarred roads then and even a week back the situation was same. If for ten years we the residents here ‘managed’ without having a proper road. Now Doctor is saying it will take some time for our bodies to adjust with this ‘new’ environment”.

Mr. Kutty added, “My friends whenever they visited me, looking at the exterior walls of the house thought I use some organic mud color outside. When people play holi only one day in a year, we played every day with the free dust available here. My anger is when every other street even in posh areas of Bengaluru you have dug up, why a road which has ‘no value’ till now suddenly tarred. Now the traffic density in my area has gone up twenty times as many are using this ‘rare’ tar road left in the city now. It’s almost impossible to bear with the constant noise coming from vehicle horns even past midnight”.

While speaking to us, Mr. Kutty received a reply from BBMP official.

“Next week BWSSB will dig up the newly tarred road as their sewerage engineer forgot to replace the broken pipes. So, just a week of hardship, we will revert the road back to same old dusty condition”, said the BBMP letter.