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Bengaluru guy uses metro for a week, Hospitalized after breathing clean air

16, Jun 2016 By dasu

Bengaluru: Family members of IT engineer, Sridhar Itagi, were a worried lot when he complained of dizziness and breathlessness as soon as he reached home from office. They immediately called his close friend Jagadeesh who stays nearby to take him to a hospital in his car.

The killer Metro

While speaking to us, Jagadeesh said, “My friend Sridhar is a teetotaler, unlike me he is regular to gym. So I was pretty confident he cannot have any heart problem. The hospital asked us to perform the routine checks like ECG, cholesterol, sugar, BP etc. After finding everything is normal, we were anxious to know what the problem is.”

Jagadeesh added, “Luckily the doctor we consulted is pretty experienced about life style of Bengaluru and he asked us few questions around that. He came to know Sridhar who left his office around 5:30 PM on that day has reached home one hour later which is next to impossible when on an average people take four hours to cover that much distance in good traffic condition. It should take even longer during the rush hour.”

“Sridhar told us about the newly opened metro line which he is using for last one week. It has drastically cut down his commute time. On hearing that, doctor ordered few more tests and found that the relatively better quality air that he is inhaling now is the problem. It has affected his lungs, which is causing the breathing problems”, said Jagadeesh.

While explaining more about Sridhar’s case the doctor told us, “Due to the sudden switch from heavy traffic while traveling on his bike which to a metro, his lungs just couldn’t cope up. Normal Bengaluru resident is used to all the smoke on the roads, metro lines just don’t provide that comfort. We call this problem “Jam lack”, which is very similar to jet lag which affects people when they move across time zones in quick time.”

Last we heard, Sridhar has donated his Metro monthly pass and applied for a new BMTC monthly pass.