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Bengaluru landlord says he will allow female visitors only if tenant pays rent in 100 rupee notes

19, Dec 2016 By dasu

Bengaluru: After asking their tenants to pay rent by cash only, now greedy Landlords across the city have a new demand. They are asking their tenants to pay rent only in 100 rupee notes if they want to invite their female colleagues to their rooms on the weekends.

rupee note

“My landlord is so greedy. He has no respect for our PM Modi’s digital India initiative. Forget about accepting rent through cheque or digital wallets, he is not ready to listen to me. He said, pay rent in hard cash else vacate the house immediately,” said Anuj, a techie working for a leading US based MNC.

“I looked around to find some alternate options. Came across landlords who are even worse, can you believe it, they are asking security deposit which is like ten months of rent in hard cash of new notes only”, said Anuj with a disclaimer that he has no relative who works in Axis bank.

Anuj added, “You cannot imagine what all I had to go through in last ten days. Not a single ATM is working in my area, wherever we found a working ATM, stood in ultra-long queues to collect 20k of rent. It would not have been possible if my ‘special’ friend Dipthi would not have pitched in with her card.”

“Yesterday, when I went to his house to pay rent, he said, from next month you need to pay rent in 100 rupee notes only, otherwise Dipthi cannot come to your room in weekends,” said Anuj who felt like slapping his landlord, but Dipthi stopped him.

“Now I realize why my mother used to say often, Apna Ghar Apna Hota Hai. With real estate bubble bursting, am confident of becoming a landlord myself soon. Then I will ask my landlord to return my security deposit refund in fifty rupee notes only. Otherwise, will change the main door lock and I will keep the keys with me,” said Anuj with an angry tone.

When we are about to leave Anuj’s room, heard landlord’s wife shouting at her husband, “Stop counting these hundred rupee notes multiple times throughout the day. We are not going to take them with us to heaven. Help me in completing household chores, otherwise do not expect your morning coffee.”