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Bengaluru leopard escapes from zoo but gets trapped in traffic, caught finally

16, Feb 2016 By @jurnoleast

Bengaluru: A leopard that entered school premises last week and escaped from zoo a few days back was finally caught thanks to the traffic congestion in the city.

Bengaluru traffic not only tamed the leopard but also reduced its size
Bengaluru traffic not only tamed the leopard but also reduced its size

Forest officials managed to trap the wild cat after it was found stuck in rush hour traffic in Madivala area of the city. Officials and cops responded to a call of leopard sighting and a team was dispatched instantly to trap the wild cat.

Traffic cops were seen trying to manage the situation till forest officials arrived. Leopard crossing the road startled the cops, who till now had managed only zebra crossing.

Sources say that the leopard was found sitting in a corner all by itself, resigned to the fact that there was no escape from the traffic. “We absolutely had no problems with the leopard. It was not aggressive as before. In fact the leopard was very happy to see us and jumped into the cage by itself. Traffic seems to have tamed the wild cat,” said a forest official.

“We didn’t even lock the cage. We are planning to give a presentation to all the animals in the zoo citing the leopard as example to make them understand the perils of escaping from zoo and wandering into the traffic congested roads of the city. It will also help us manage the animals better,” he added.

Additional Commissioner of traffic C Gayanand spoke to Faking News reporter and said, “People keep blaming traffic in the city, but see how we managed to catch the leopard today. At least now commuters will realize that traffic is not that bad.”

“The traffic department is planning its best to manage the vehicular congestion. We are installing traffic signals on footpaths also. A separate set of traffic cops will be assigned duty to manag traffic there. Ropes are also being tied alongside roads and bamboos are being provided so that people who wish to walk can do tight rope walking,” he added.

Meanwhile, a few media persons were seen pushing their way into the Forest Superintendant’s office. Reporters were seen asking the leopard if it had been caged for raising anti-India slogan. “We believe the leopard has been jailed for sedition. We are not leaving this place till we get a clarification from the leopard on this,” said a journalist.