Bengaluru man to attend marriage in Whitefield asks for 2 days leave, 1 day to go & 1 day to come back

02, May 2018 By dasu

Bengaluru: Devraj is worried how he will attend his friend’s wedding reception in Whitefield on this Thursday.

Devraj’s house is good thirty-five kilometers away from the marriage hall in Whitefield.  As per Google map the best possible option shows it will take one day minimum to reach the venue and to come back he would need another day.

“I applied for two days leave almost ten days back. My manager asked me to work over the last weekend and see today on a mandatory holiday like labour day I am slogging at the office,” said Devaraj while speaking to us.

“When I heard working day mein wedding reception de raha hai, that too in Whitefield. I warned my friend Koi nahin aayega. But poor chap, what can he do? The bride’s side relatives and close friends are staying in Whitefield area. It would be really difficult if they have to come to other part of Bengaluru in case reception happens somewhere this side,” said Devraj.

Devraj added, “Then I thought, one weekend and one public holiday I cannot sacrifice for my best buddy. Itna toh dost ke liye karna padta hai. For so many years he remained my best buddy as he was unmarried like I am. Can call him anytime, we can go somewhere. Our other friends after marriage only remained WhatsApp and FB friends”.

Devraj planned his Whitefield trip perfectly. He ordered food through Swiggy to deliver breakfast at Silk Board Junction and Lunch at Marathahalli Bridge and afternoon tea and Kundalahalli gate.

“Aane ke time, kuch wahan se pack karke le aaoonga,” said Devraj before winding up our conversation.