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Bengaluru man temporarily loses eyesight after accidentally seeing a signboard written in Hindi 

05, Jul 2017 By @jurnoleast

32 year old techie Ranjit Krishnan as admitted to a city hospital after he temporarily lost his vision after seeing a signboard in Hindi at the Kempegowda metro station. Hospital authorities confirmed that a man arrived at the hospital complaining to burning sensation in the eyes and was immediately attended to by an ophthalmologist.

“When he arrived, the patient reported loss of vision. Our doctors gave him preliminary medical treatment. We took few X-rays and everything seemed normal. After an hour or so he regained his eyesight and expressed a desire to be discharged, ” said a nurse on duty.

“We tried our best to scare him and get admitted to the hospital but he was adamant. We let him go after he agreed to pay the ransom exorbitant medical bill,” she added.

Doctors refused to comment if Ranjit had some form of allergy to Hindi, but advised him to stay away from Hindi signboards, texts, movies and books for at least a month till he starts feeling better.

Just a week back there were protests to have Hindi signboards removed from metro stations over concerns of imposition.

The state administration thought it to be prudent to have the signboards masked to prevent any untoward incident. But many are asking it to be removed completely, going to the extent of blaming the signboard for all their problems.

“My wife is having fever for the last 2 weeks and I am pretty sure that it is because she saw a hoarding with Hindi text. Not just that, the traffic congestion, froth Bellandur lake, crime in the city etc can all be taken care of once we get rid of Hindi from the state,” said one resident.

As the campaign gathers momentum, state administration is doing all its best to restrict the exposure of Hindi. “It’s like a radioactive material. Effects can be catastrophic if the people of the city are exposed to Hindi,” said an anti-Hindi activist.

A section of activists also want Hindi text to be removed from currency notes saying that it is nothing short of hegemony.