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Bengaluru: Newly engaged couple on the way to airport broke up as they got lot of time to understand each other

08, Nov 2017 By dasu

Bengaluru: Traffic jams in the IT city added one more casualty to it’s never ending list. A newly engaged couple Mahesh and Ramola on the way to airport broke up after they got so much time to understand each other. Both side family members, friends and colleagues of Ramola and Mahesh are shocked after they saw both have changed their profile status to single.


“I do not know what happened, first they started deleting all the ‘made for each other’ and ‘cute looking couple’ comments. After some time, saw they have deleted all their engagement photographs. In fact, I do not find Ramola and Mahesh having a single photograph together in Facebook”, said Chirag, a friend of Mahesh who has sent friend request to Ramola.

Mahesh who works in Chennai and Ramola in Mumbai got engaged last Sunday. Yesterday afternoon, they were going together to catch their respective flights from Bengaluru international airport.

“I am the culprit. I should not have sent both in the same taxi. Thought, matter of 4 hours both will reach airport after they had lunch at my home in Banashankari. In the process, they will understand each other. See what happened”, said Mr. Murthy, Ramola’s uncle with a sad face.

Mr. Murthy added, “Suddenly drizzling started, there was huge traffic jams on the way as the taxi driver Shankar, told me. It took almost six hours for them to reach airport”.

Shankar told us, “Both were ok till silk board junction. After spending one hour there, they got agitated. It seems Mahesh anna who claimed he is an expert on .NET, could not clear any of the Ramola maam’s doubts. Later he confessed he is basically a Java J2B coder. Ramola maam doubted, Mahesh anna might have told her so many other lies. Every topic they talked, they had huge differences”.

Shankar said, he tried to calm them down, both told him to shut up and mind his own business.

As well-wisher of Mahesh and Ramola we hope, the long-distance phone calls will bring them closer once again.