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Bengaluru police fines house owner who did not have “No Parking” board at his entrance

26, Jun 2016 By dasu

Bengaluru:  Retired government official Mr. Sathya Prakash, who had shifted to Bengaluru recently has been fined by Bengaluru police after he didn’t put up a ‘No parking’ sign in front of his house. As Mr. Prakash returned from his morning walk one day, Police came and started interrogating him before handing him a hefty fine.

No parking sign
Do you have this in front of your house?

It took three days for worried family members to know the reason for Mr. Prakash’s fine. While speaking to us, his elder brother Mr. Bhanu Prakash said, “I was surprised to know that Police was questioning Sathya for breaking the law. Sathya has never broken any law; he has given bribes honestly throughout his life. However, Police is saying that they have fined Sathya because he did not follow the standard protocol that each house owner in Bengaluru is supposed to follow, put up a ‘No Parking’ sign in front of the house.”

Mr. Bhanu added, “We are new to Bengaluru so we didn’t know that one has to put up a ‘No parking’ sign even before putting up the number plate or name plate. Even neighbours didn’t come to advise us about it, these big city residents have no sense of community. We had an advertising board on the gate like everyone else but forgot that ‘No parking’ sign that led us into trouble.”

When contacted, a Bengaluru Police official told Faking News,”Look, rules are rules. We can’t spare this gentleman just because he is new to the city. You park your vehicles where police has put up ‘No parking’ signs and you put up a random ‘No parking’ board in front of your house. These are the rules that one has to follow. Anyone not following them has to be fined.”

Meanwhile, Sathya was busy putting up a giant ‘No parking’ board outside his house that is set to cover the entire wall of the house.