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Bengaluru to reclaim title of ‘Lake City’, many lake sized potholes behind this honour

30, Aug 2016 By dasu

Bengaluru: Having lost its title of ‘Lake City’ over the past few years due to the shrinking lakes in the city, Bengaluru is set to reclaim its crown thanks to hundreds of mini-lakes in the city. The average size of potholes on Bengaluru roads has become so big that many of them have been titled ‘mini-lakes’.

Baby lake

Over the years, BBMP has allowed builders to construct homes on top of lakebeds, storm water drains etc which has ensured that many water bodies vanished from Bengaluru city. However, that loss will be compensated by these new mini-lakes that have sprung up all over the city.

“Thirty years back, when I was passing out of college, we had close to three hundred lakes in the city, now we are left with only handful of them. We are doing everything possible in our capacity to bring the city back to its glory days when it was known as the lake city of India”, said Mr. Siddappa.

Mr. Siddappa added, “Recently government formed a task force to find alternate options like creating new water bodies. The task force in its preliminary report has said that we don’t need to create any new water bodies as our roads are already having tons of them. We observed every part of city is full of potholes and they are full of water after the monsoon. Be it posh area like Jayanagar or Indiranagar or outskirts like devanahalli, one can find these mini-lakes everywhere”.

“Of course, not every pothole has the potential to qualify as a lake or even a mini-lake. We have marked the big ones which have a storing capacity in excess of one lakh liters right now. We have instructed the other departmental heads of BBMP to avoid filling these potholes. What we need is, support & co-operation from Bengaluru residents. They must see potholes as large water bodies of future which will help in solving the water crisis of the city”, said Mr. Siddappa.

Meanwhile, real estate agents in Bengaluru have already started calling houses along potholed roads as ‘Lake View Apartments’.