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Bengaluru ‘smart’ signals will display what all you can do before the signal turns green

17, Sep 2018 By dasu

Bengaluru: Seems like the city traffic police has finally come to fulfill the long-standing demand of the Bengalureans. ‘Smart’ signals will inform what all people can do and still they will not miss the green light to move ahead.


“We know the city cannot get over the traffic issues, at least they can install LED smart displays at signals which will inform us what all we can do before the traffic light turns green. Unnecessarily we are wasting our time here,” said Mr. Venugopal, showing us the memorandum.

Mr. Venugopal said he wrote this letter after a traffic policeman at Old Madras road told him, “Why you are waiting here, go home and have your lunch come back. I will call you back if any fresh development happens”.

Why some people like Venugopal have all the fun? The city traffic police commissioner informed all major traffic signals to display what all a person can do. As a pilot project here are messages that will be displayed at the top three traffic bottlenecks. Of course, through their updated app, you can know the latest status about the signal.

Kundanahalli gate – White field:

You have sufficient time to pick up your kids from school. Just walk, pick him, go home to have lunch together and then come back. We assure no one will go ahead of you. Yes, you will miss two hours of ads of local radio FM channels in the process, but that’s a trade-off you have to do.

Egipura – Koramangala:

If you want to be a startup entrepreneur, walk to nearby offices of venture capitalists with your ideas. You have time to open, close a startup before the signal turns green here. If you do not want that much risk, write a novel. It will get published in amazon before you switch on your engine.

Silk Board Junction:

You have time to upload your profile to matrimony sites, find your suitable match for marriage, go for honeymoon and come back. If it rains, you can come back with your kid.