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Bengaluru techie concedes he can't control pressure for 4 hrs in traffic, demands toilets inside office cabs

17, Oct 2016 By dasu

Bengaluru: Having to wait for hours to pee while passing through heavy traffic jams in the city, 28 yrs old techie Pavan Kulkarni has demanded toilet facility within the office cab. Journey to and from office generally takes Pavan 4 hrs one way and he has told the company HR that his bladder will burst if he has to hold himself for so long.

When you have to go but you are stuck in this jam, cab toilet will come in handy

“It is high time my employer does something about this problem. One side to office takes me four hours, even when you leave home after relieving yourself; you get the urge to go much before you reach the destination. All the potholes on the roads don’t help of course, every jolt increases the pressure by 100 Pascals”, said Pavan while talking about the hardships he goes through every day.

Pavan added, “On the way, I ask our cab driver to stop so that I can go somewhere outside, but he will tell me sir, I am also feeling the same, where can we go. Though city has 600 toilets for 1 crore odd people, tough to find even one on the way. Only thing he does is to advice me to remember God’s name and pray that I get to office without ruining my trouser.”

“Before I joined this reputed IT Company in Whitefield, one of my college senior who was working at same place, told me to practice some asanas he had learnt through YouTube from baba Jamdev. He had warned me that otherwise I am going to have a tough time. With practice and years of experience, he told me things will improve”, said Pavan.

Pavan said, “I am not asking for some five-star standard rest room, even a basic one inside office cabs will be very helpful.For that, if they want to ask for some extra charge, I am ready to pay, will consider it as another swatch bharat cess. Hopefully they approve my request before I have an ‘accident’ some day.”

While his request for cabs with restrooms hasn’t been approved yet, HR has given Pavan a 2 Liter coke bottle that he can use during emergencies.