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Bengaluru Techie starts from home at the same time as his client from Hong Kong, both reach airport at same time

31, Aug 2016 By dasu

Bengaluru: Bengaluru’s well documented traffic woes almost cost a man a valuable client today as he barely managed to reach on time for the meeting. Though such delays are not uncommon, what is unique about this case is that the client reached from Hong Kong in the time it took our local Bengaluru guy to reach the airport from his home.

Just another day on Bengaluru roads

Project manager Akshay Vernekar, working for a reputed IT firm in India’s Silicon Valley had this important project meeting with his Hong Kong based client. Due to the limited time available with the client, he asked for a meeting at the airport as he had to travel to Delhi soon after.

Recounting the day, Akshay said, “I had scheduled the meeting at 2 PM knowing fully well that it will take me that much time to reach airport. As is my routine, I left home at 5 AM, dropped my son at his school at 8 AM and then, instead of going to the office, I headed directly to the airport. When I was dropping my son at his school, I got the message from the client that he is boarding the flight. It takes around 6 hrs for the flight to reach Bengaluru so I was confident I will reach the airport in time, and I did, barely.”

Akshay said, “My son’s school is 20 KMs from the airport and I knew it was a challenge to cover 20 KMs in 6 hrs but I have always loved challenges. You can’t grow in your life if you don’t dare to do the impossible. I went at express speed, did some crazy maneuvers on the roads, earned some abuses from other drivers but I did it, I parked my car in the airport parking just when the client gave me a call saying that he has landed.”

“However, I can’t afford to drive so rashly all the times, so I will make sure that I leave home at 3 AM next time to make sure I complete all my errands and reach airport with some time to spare”, Akshay added.