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Bengaluru traffic police fines the cab driver who pressed brake instead of horn at zebra crossing

12, Jun 2016 By dasu

Bengaluru: 30 yrs old cab driver, Prabhakar, has been fined by Bengaluru police after he was caught pressing brake instead of horn at a zebra crossing near Kodihalli bus stop. A traffic cop stationed there took Prabhakar to old airport road police station, where he was released after paying the due fine.

Bengaluru traffic
Traffic jam after one person pressed the brake suddenly

Recounting his ordeal to Faking News, Prabhakar said, “It was a normal routine day for me. I was coming from Majestic and going towards Whitefield from where I was supposed to pick up the employees of an IT company which has hired my cab service. Though there was heavy traffic on the way, I was able to maintain my average speed well above the prescribed limit by the swift overtaking I was doing repeatedly from left side.”

“Suddenly, I don’t know what happened; by mistake I pressed the brake when I saw a group of people trying to cross the road. This led to a minor accident behind my vehicle as no one expected a cab driver to brake under such circumstances. Immediately the traffic policeman who was standing nearby stopped me to check whether my vehicle horns are working fine or not”, Prabhakar added.

“When the inspector found that the horn is working fine, he grilled me by asking repeatedly why I did not use it properly on such a busy road. Though several pedestrians tried to intervene and explain that I did well by letting them cross the road, the policeman didn’t listen and insisted on the fine”, Prabhakar said.

When we spoke to the traffic cop for his version of the incident, he said,”Rules are rules. It is an unwritten rule that you must speed up and press horn repeatedly when you see people crossing the road. By pressing brake in such circumstances, he was setting a bad example and endangering other people on the road. He had to be fined.”

Meanwhile, Prabhakar has assured everyone that he will never press the brake again, not even at a Red signal.