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Bengaluru voters will be allowed to vote online to ensure voters don’t spend entire day in traffic

28, Mar 2018 By Sandeep Kadian

Bengaluru: The race for Karnataka assembly elections is well and truly on with the announcement of dates for the elections by the Election Commission. Along with political parties, EC has also started its preparation for the big day on May 12.


For the first time ever, online voting will be introduced in India and it will be restricted to the voters of Bengaluru. This decision has been taken to make sure that voters don’t miss out on exercising their right to vote due to traffic jams.

Speaking to the media, a senior Election Commission official said, “Our focus is on increasing the voting all across India and Bengaluru is no different. We did a study to find out the reasons why some people don’t vote and traffic cams out as the number 1 reason for the city of Bengaluru. While some people didn’t step out at all during last elections thinking about traffic, many others didn’t manage to reach the polling booth in time despite leaving their home early morning. Best way to counter this traffic was to start this online voting system.”

Further, he added, “We thought about sending our employees to each and every house to get their votes but being government employees, the idea of so much work causes fever among the majority of our staff. This was the only workable solution left for us to ensure as many people as possible participate in our democracy.”

When asked if they will extend this system to other high traffic cities like Mumbai for example, he said ,”What is the point, South Mumbai will not vote even if you offer to click the vote button for them and rest of Mumbai will vote even if you keep the polling booth in the middle of the Arabian Sea.”