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Betting on which stadium Rahul Gandhi will visit to watch World Cup match

05, Mar 2011 By Pagal Patrakar

Bangalore. Local police have arrested a group of bookies who were offering huge bets on whether Rahul Gandhi could visit M Chinnaswamy Stadium to watch the India-Ireland match tomorrow. An estimated 764 million rupees are on stake this Sunday all over India as punters speculate the stadium and the match the young and dynamic general secretary of Congress could choose to visit during the ongoing Cricket World Cup.

Police have claimed that ever since ICC had come down heavily upon cricketers indulged in match-fixing and spot-fixing, bookies have been trying to come up with bets that don’t necessarily involve cricketers or cricketing events such as whether a dog would run onto the field during a match.

“These events have also proved to be more unpredictable than cricket matches; surely Shane Warne can’t predict which match Rahul Gandhi would watch,” a cricket-savvy police official explained.

Rahul Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi watching CWG
Rahul Gandhi’s presence during the Commonwealth Games events had made news last year

Experts claim that the attendance of Rahul Gandhi during the last year’s CWG events had pushed demands from certain sections of media that he attended cricket matches as well, which is causing bookies to show keen interest in the event.

“Television news channels, especially the ones who lost out on hiring Rakhi Sawant and Veena Malik, would have the option of showing ‘Rahul factor’ in their post-match analysis,” a cricket and media analyst pointed out, “This could also help Congress generate some positive news coverage at a time when only corruption related news are coming out.”

Bookies are offering lowest returns on the match between India and Netherlands that takes place at Feroz Shah Kotla stadium in Delhi on March 9th, as they believe that Rahul Gandhi is most likely to attend that match.

“It’s in Delhi, it involves India and it’s against an opposition that is weak; it perfectly suits the Congress leader because the media could attribute the possible Indian victory to his presence,” a bookie, with his face covered with towel, told Faking News.

But betting and political experts believe that Congress’ yuvraaj is as much likely to attend tomorrow’s India-Ireland match, even though it’s not in Delhi and the Irish are no longer deemed a weak team after their shocking victory against England in the last game, which had caused a couple of “rookie bookies” to go bankrupt.

“It’s the most opportune time for the Congress leader to watch a match in stadium,” an expert argued, “His presence in the stadium will deflect media’s attention from the tainted CVC issue and if he could issue a statement criticizing Karnataka’s Yeddyurappa’s government, it will help shift the corruption focus on BJP as well.”

Sensing trouble, BJP has already demanded a JPC probe to look into Rahul Gandhi’s possible role in the “betting scam”.