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Bhagwant Mann accepts he was intoxicated when he said he’ll never drink again

22, Jan 2019 By dasu

Chandigarh: The ‘biggest sacrifice’ an MP has done for its people might not last long. Sangrur MP and AAP leader Bhagwant Mann acknowledged he was in highly inebriated state when he told he won’t drink again.


Pata Nahin Chala, Kuch Anab Shanab Bol Diya,” said Mr. Mann while looking at the news clippings showing him taking a vow before his party supreme Mr. Arvind Kejriwal Ji. “Normally I remain in my sense even after ten twelve bottles, usdin toh only six bottles I had during breakfast. It seems there are people in my party, jo mile huan hai dusre party ke logon se,” he added.

“They want to sabotage Arvind Bhai and my effort. These people jo jalte hain mere success se would have added something in my drinks for me to speak like this,” told Mann while speaking to news reporters.

Mr. Mann was confident the work he has done in past five years, nothing can stop the party from winning 23 Lok Sabha Seats in Punjab. When a reporter pointed out, “Sir, Punjab mein sirf 13 seats hain?”, he told, “Humare winning margins itne Jayada honge ki 13 seats 23 seats jeetne jaisse lagega”.

According to our sources in AAP, party President Arvind Kejriwal who never touch alcohol other than whatever little present in his cough syrup is ‘disturbed’ by the confession of Bhagwant Mann. He has asked Mann to return the ‘Reynolds Pen’ he presented to him yesterday during the rally. He is looking for a new person to lead the party in Punjab.

However, there are people who are applauding Bhagwant Mann’ honesty. “There are politicians in Karnataka who refuse to accept it was a brawl, pass it as saying fellow MP was admitted because he suffered heart attack. Glad we have people like Mr. Mann who do not care about his own liver for the sake of the state’s exchequer”, said a Liquor shop owner from Sangrur.