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In a bid to woo IT employees before 2019 elections, BJP promises to regulate AC temp in offices if voted to power

14, Dec 2018 By @jurnoleast

Some serious drubbing in assembly elections has forced the ruling BJP to do some rethink on it’s election strategy. With the general elections just months away, the party does not want to take any changes and now wants to expand and focus on a new voter base.

office AC

Sources say that the largely ignored base of employees especially those working in IT companies are on the BJP’s radar and it is now pitching itself as savior of employees who are left to freeze thanks to the unregulated AC temperature at workplace.

Political experts say that this could just change the game in favor of BJP as the voter base that the party is targeting is huge and none of the previous governments did anything to address this issue. “Around 4 million employees working across industries in the country are suffering from these air-conditioners which are set at low temperatures. For eight hours they are left to freeze in their cubicles. Not to mention some of these IT companies deal with US client and the workforce ends up working for almost 18 hours at a stretch. Their issues are real and need to be addressed immediately

Not to be left behind, Congress too is trying its best to get the ’employee base’ to vote for the party. “As per our research these IT employees are underpaid and most of them are living what you call ‘udhaar ki zindagi’. If Congress is voted to power, we will announce a waiver of all their outstanding loan amounts,” said a spokesperson.

Most IT employees agreed that BJP’s AC pitch would get them the votes they sought, but a few reckoned that it wouldn’t suffice. Sales teams who spend most of their time outside the office and HR employees who are mostly found in the lobby doing decorations were of the opinion that political parties need to do more.

“Every office should have a chai-sutta corner inside the office. Any if either Congress or BJP can give me that then my vote is already theirs,” said a sales professional.