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Bihar BJP MLAs issue clarification, say ‘Returning microwave oven because of no electricity in state'

22, Mar 2016 By @jurnoleast

Patna: Bihar BJP MLA’s who were given gifts to attend assembly session and who later returned them, have now issued clarification saying that it was the electricity problem in the state and not ‘austerity’ that made them change their mind.

A microwave would save a lot of effort, if only they had electricity
A microwave would save a lot of effort, if only they had electricity

A few MLA’s were seen carrying huge boxes of microwave oven which were meant to be returned. Faking News reporter caught up with one such MLA who explained why he was returning the gift. He said, “This oven is useless for me. Everyone knows the power situation in Bihar. With the summer season round the corner and the usual 16 hrs load shedding, this oven will be no better than furniture.”

Bijli sirf sham ko do ghanta aati hai, toh kya hum breakfast, lunch aur dinner tabhi banaye oven mein,” he questioned.

The MLA’s are now demanding other gifts instead. “The latest iPhone looks good, we have put forth a demand to take back the oven and give us an iPhone. We wouldn’t have settled for anything less than 6S but we are ready to make an exception in this case,” said another MLA.

Many refused to part with their gifts and had plans to put the oven to some better use in case of power outage. “I know these ovens are useless for cooking. I am using the oven like a locker to store valuables. Now I can keep all my things in one place,” said Radheshyam Yadav, an MLA from BJP, as he gave us a glimpse of his oven.

Meanwhile, there were others who already put up the oven for sale on olx hoping to get rid of it and get some money instead.