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Bihar Government forms 'Swapandosh squad', will punish people who dream about alcohol

17, Feb 2017 By Sandeep Kadian

Patna: The fight against alcohol continues in Bihar with the Nitish Kumar led government introducing even more strict measures for violators. After introducing a new rule that stopped Bihari bureaucrats from drinking anywhere in the world, they have now made it illegal to dream about alcohol. A special team named swapandosh squad has been formed that will keep track of everyone’s dreams in Bihar.

Don’t even dream about it!

Members of the team will go door to door every morning to ask about everyone’s dreams during the previous night and anyone mentioning alcohol will be taken into custody. To ensure that people don’t lie about their dreams, swapandosh squad will carry the equipment for a lie detector test. Along with strict implementation, this step is also likely to boost employment rate in Bihar with a huge number expected to join this squad.

“As the government, it is our duty to control every part of a person’s life. We are already controlling what they eat, what they drink, but we had left their dreams all alone. If we want to make our policy of prohibition a success, we must make sure they don’t even dream about alcohol. There are millions of quotes motivating people to follow their dreams in reality, what if some Biharis get motivated enough to follow their dream of alcohol? This is why we had to form such a squad”, a senior Bihar minister said.

Further, he added ,”We are also planning to introduce a rule that if any Bihari person smells alcohol when he is out of the state, then he can be punished under our prohibition laws. There was also a proposal to put a camera on everyone’s head pointing downwards so that we can see at all times what people are eating or drinking but we don’t want to intrude in anyone’s personal life.”

Meanwhile, Biharis settled in other parts of the country are checking whether they can still dream about alcohol or not.