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Bihar Government now arresting every Bihari returning from UP, says they must have gone to drink

10, Aug 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

Patna:  A day after penalizing an entire village because some alcohol bottles were recovered from the village, Nitish Kumar Government has unleashed a new strategy to ban alcohol consumption completely. They are now arresting every Bihari resident who is returning from UP via road as they suspect all of them cross the border to have a drink.

Nitish Kumar
“Ek aadmi ko nahin peene doonga”

Bihar imposed complete prohibition earlier this year and since then, it is a game of cat and mouse between the drinkers and the government. However, the government wants to end this now and has started using measures like collective punishment.

“So far people thought that they can just cross over to UP, have few drinks and then come back to Bihar, but this stops now. Anyone coming from UP to Bihar via road will be sent to prison. It doesn’t matter whether they had gone to drink or do something else, we are tired of people not respecting prohibition and this collective punishment is the only way forward. We will send entire Bihar to prison if everyone doesn’t stop drinking alcohol”, a senior official with the Bihar police said.

When we asked why are they so sure that people go to UP to have a drink, the police officer said,”How will we not know? Hum bhi to wahin jaate hain.”

“People coming via trains are exempt as of now as we don’t think someone will make that much effort to book train tickets to have a drink or two but they are also on the radar. We are committed to enforcing complete prohibition and we shall have it”, the officer added.

Meanwhile, wine shop owners on UP side of UP-Bihar border were found providing ‘Bottle+Bed’ packages. If you buy a bottle, you get a bed to sleep in afterwards so that you can sleep and sober up before returning to Bihar.