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Bihar woman dumps IAS groom, marries ATM guard instead: Demonetization effect?

18, Nov 2016 By @jurnoleast

Patna: A joyous wedding event turned into an anti-climax after a 24-yr old bride from Bihar who was set to get married to an IAS groom, walked out and married an ATM guard instead.


Priyanka and Shashank were all set to get married on the 17th of this month, but the wedding was called off by the family following ‘money issues’.

Faking News spoke to a guest at the wedding who said, “Everything looked fine that evening. Most of the crowd was gathered around the food stalls waiting for it to open.I heard a few loud voices and then saw the bride walking away from the mandap. I didn’t pay much attention as these incidents have become regular these days. Most of the guests including me were disappointed at not getting anything to eat at the wedding.”

One of Priyanka’s relative revealed that she later went ahead and married a security guard who worked at a local ATM. It is not known if they already knew each other before the marriage was fixed but it seems that she had been seeing him quite frequently since ‘demonetization’ came into effect.

A devastated Prashant blamed PM Modi for what transpired on this wedding say. “If the notes had not been banned, she wouldn’t have gone to the ATM so frequently. Modiji must find me another bride or he must resign,” said a furious Prashant, finding it difficult to come to terms with what happened.

Media was quick to pounce on the incident and reporters were seen outside the ATM trying to figure out if PM Modi played the part of a ‘jodi-breaker’.

The breakup served as an ideal launch pad for oppositions parties looking to attack the PM. Rahul Gandhi reached Patna to express his solidarity. He also tried to withdraw money from the ATM where the security guard worked, but the machine failed to dispense cash.

Modiji keh rahe hai ki koi cash crunch nahi hai, lekin dekho iss ATM me se ek not bhi bahar nahi nikal raha. Gareebon ko kitni pareshaani ho rahi hai. Lekin sarkar ne apne kaan band kar liye hai,” he screamed while addressing media persons. It was later learnt that Rahul had accidentally inserted his PAN card in machine due to which cash was not dispensed.