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Bihari man puts empty glass on interview table when HR said ‘company will provide u quarters’

07, Apr 2017 By Santosh Pradhan

We go through some amazing experiences, while on a job interview.  But recently what happened in an interview at a MNC will shock you. The HR lady had to go through a high level of embarrassment after interviewing a candidate from Bihar as he put an empty glass on table when the lady said,”Company will provide you quarters”


Everything was going fine and Sunderdas had answered all questions to the best of his abilities. He was confident and well articulated in his responses. The HR lady was also impressed by his profile and was willing to select him for the position. Then came the hammer blow. On being told that company will provide ‘quarters’ (for accommodation), Sunderdas couldn’t resist the temptation of what he thought as someone offering him liquor, and put forward his empty glass which he always carried along.

The lady was shocked to see such behavior and called for  security, which ultimately threw the person out. Sunderdas has lodged a complaint against the company for their inhuman treatment.

Even the police is sympathizing with Sunder as they also know the actual meaning of ‘Quarter’. Our Faking News reporter caught up with Sunderdas and he had this to say,” After the liquor ban in Bihar, we are starving for liquor. Why is the government banning legal drinking habits. Due to the ban, we get excited at every small opportunity to have liquor, that’s why when the interviewer told me that the company will provide ‘quarters’, I was not able to comprehend the real meaning of the word.”

Other companies have taken a lesson from the story and have asked their HR managers to stress on the term ‘accommodation’, rather than ‘quarters’. Nitish Kumar has meanwhile used this story to self-praise his decision of liquor ban, saying that liquor ban is actually working in Bihar and that is the reason people are resorting to drinking during their stay in other states.