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Bike rider in Bangalore complains about the poor state of footpaths for his long commute time

26, Dec 2015 By dasu

Bangalore: Bangalore based techie Bala is known for his special driving skills in city’s highly congested roads. Most of the time his colleagues staying in same neighborhood would be amazed to see him reaching office on time. They would often wonder when the road is same, filled with potholes and high traffic density, how Bala is reaching ahead of them.

Bala riding to work
Bala riding to work

Bala’s friends would often tease him by asking whether he worked as an auto driver or cab driver before joining IT. Because no one knew his trade secret. Bala often utilized the footpaths to cross the long traffic snarls and on the one ways and traffic junctions he would get down from bike and push the bike as if it is punctured.

Bala said, “I have got plenty of experience to know where traffic police hide. In those places I will be careful and if from a distance I can spot someone with white cloth and khaki pant, immediately I will get down and push my bike. The best thing I like about Bangalore traffic police is the respect they give when someone is pushing the vehicle. They would never stop him even if he creates a mess on the roads”

Bala added “Like me, many fellow bike riders use the footpaths to drive peacefully. There is no risk of four wheelers hitting you from behind. It’s like a signal free ride for a person like me. Most of the time traffic police do not find riding bikes on footpaths is an offence. This might be because in a city like Bangalore you cannot know which is footpath, which is road because both are so poorly maintained”.

When faking news asked what about the pedestrians, how they will walk on the Bangalore roads. Bala said, “Have you seen any pedestrian walking on the footpath. The condition of the footpaths are so poor. Most of the places the street vendors have encroached, people constructing house use the footpaths for dumping all the construction material. People use footpaths to park their vehicles, some have developed nice gardens on footpaths and shop owners, they would use every inch available in front of their shops”

“Though I drive with utmost care there are some bike riders who would run over you if you do the mistake of walking on the footpaths. Like singer Abhijeet said if you want to use footpath to walk, be ready to be crushed. Walk like a dog, get crushed like a dog. I would say it is safe for people to walk on the main road than footpaths. Footpaths are for daring people like me who can manoeuvre the open drains, sand pits, big potholes and parked vehicles. I can do all this because I believe Darr ke aage jeet hai”, Bala said.

Bala is worried of late his commuting time is gradually going up. “It’s due to the absolute poor state of the footpaths or no footpaths. I would urge civic agencies for the sake of people like me they should maintain the footpaths which are drivable. Otherwise few years from now, even archaeological survey of India would struggle to find where was the footpath”, Bala concluded.