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Biker issued traffic challan by cops for not wearing seat belt

27, Nov 2013 By Vivek Chandrahaas

Chandigarh. Pahaad Singh, 27, a resident of city, was issued challan for not wearing a trouser belt. The shocking incident happened last night at 2 am while Pahaad was returning from work on his Motorcycle.

Seen here a cop challaning a man for not wearing helmet in his car.
Seen here a cop challaning a man for not wearing helmet in his car.

Speaking exclusively to Faking News, Pahaad said, “I was stopped at the check post, a couple of traffic policemen asked me for papers which I showed to them. While both were scrutinizing the papers, as a passing remark I told them that I always carry all documents with me and no policeman has ever been able to challan me. Hearing this, their expressions got stern, and they started checking every possible part of my bike. They even checked if strap of my helmet has a buckle, but they couldn’t find anything worth challaning.”

Then one of the traffic cop exclaimed in a Haryanwi accent pointing to Pahaad’s trousers, “belt na pehni hai tanne, eeb to tera Challan hovega bhai.”

Pahaad argued that he has never heard of such challan to which the cop replied while issuing the challan, “Jab kade tera challan hi na hua, to tanne ke pata kaunsa challan howe hain aur kaunsa nahi“.

Faking News has the copy of the challan with a tick mark put against “not wearing seat belt” (meant for four wheelers) check-box. When the matter was taken to DSP (traffic) of that area he said, “The cops in question were new who might have mistaken the seat belt with the trouser belt, an inquiry would be set against the erring cops.”

Ankita Sonkar a city resident when asked about the issue, was somewhat indifferent on the nature of challan but was jealous surprised on Mr. Pahaad never getting challaned ever before. She said, “Getting challaned is a part of life in Chandigarh, it’s almost an ‘integral’ part of monthly expenses of almost every household you see.”

Meanwhile, the other traffic cops were visibly angry with the mistake of the their colleagues.

“It’s naive and preposterous on their part to do so. How could they commit such a blunder, there are other ways to make out a challan,” said Makhan Singh a veteran cop while issuing challans to a cyclewala and pedestrians for not wearing helmets.