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Biker successfully moves pothole by excessive honking

11, Oct 2017 By itsmihir1993

Vishnu (25), a Mumbai-based biker, was hailed by the residents of Ghatkopar after he managed to do what the Bombay Municipal Corporation (BMC) couldn’t do in an entire year—relieve them of pothole located right in the middle of a busy crossroad in Ghatkopar. Vishnu was on his way to work when he stopped at the traffic signal but kept honking while the red signal was on, which resulted in the moving of the pothole from middle of the road to the sidewalk.

Vishnu felt jubilant when the pothole moved on its own and relocated itself near the footpath after he honked excessively. Talking about his honking habits, Vishnu said, “Ever since my dad gifted me this bike, I honk all the time while riding it. I am a habitual honker. Due to my honking habits, everyone in Ghatkopar knows me as the ‘horny man’.”

Recalling the incident, Vishnu said, “Everyone at the junction waited for the signal to turn green but I couldn’t wait, so I honked incessantly because honking quickly turns the signal green. Everyone looked at me with disgust but only until they saw the pothole moving on its own and relocating itself near the footpath. Fellow riders clapped as I zoomed past them, honking, when the signal turned green.”

Vishnu has installed multiple horns with different tunes in his bike. “I decide which horn to blow according to the seconds left for the signal to turn green. I also try to analyse the rider in front of me, just to ensure that I don’t have to tackle somebody like Rocky Yadav for honking excessively.”

The BMC held a meeting with top officials from the traffic department to eliminate the potholes in the city. “Since we are busy going after people who complain regarding the poor condition of the roads, we have decided to hire Vishnu to take care of the potholes in the city. In addition to this, if any RJ bothers us, we will send Vishnu to honk continuously under their house,” said a BMC official, at the request of anonymity.