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Bill Gates bitten by a mouse on his middle finger in Bihar

12, May 2010 By Pagal Patrakar

Sitamarhi, Bihar. During his day-long visit to the state on Wednesday, Microsoft chief Bill Gates got a taste of rural India when he was bitten by a mouse on his left middle finger while he was taking rest at a circuit house here. This is the second incident of this kind within ten days, with Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar having suffered and survived a mouse bite earlier.

“We are looking into the matter and it seems the same mouse has done it again. This seems a pre-planned conspiracy as this rogue mouse has been targeting VIP middle fingers.” Dharmesh Kumar, the local DM informed, who looked quite worried for his job and was shouting at his juniors to apprehend the finger-biting mouse as soon as possible.

Biting Mouse
Bihar Police has released a sketch of the suspect

State administration has not ruled out foul play and suspects the anti-social elements or political opponents of Nitish Kumar of having trained the mouse.

“We don’t rule out any possibility. Animals have been used to carry out anti-social activities even earlier with Taliban strapping bombs on donkeys. We are treating this matter as a serious breach of security.” state home secretary said, assuring the delegates with Bill Gates of full security for the rest of their stay.

State government is also planning to involve central agencies for the mouse-hunt as this incident could prompt US to issue travel advisory to its citizens against visiting India. UPA government is expected to cooperate as an unhappy Bill Gates could hamper development work in Rahul Gandhi’s constituency.

“This is a matter of national importance and Congress doesn’t play politics over such petty issues. We would extend full cooperation to the Nitish government. We could even send Black Cats to catch the mouse, if needed.” Congress spokesperson Manish Tiwari said.

But RJD supremo Lalu Prasad Yadav has squarely blamed the state government for the mess. He claimed that the mouse was acting on its own will and biting people to show its frustration with the state government’s policies.

“We are with the mice community in this struggle. These poor, downtrodden and secular (sic) animals have been on the receiving end ever since Nitish Kumar became CM and declared that rat-meat will be served in Bihar restaurants. These are no anti-social or anti-national elements, they are my vote-bank and they are protesting using democratic means, but this fascist government wants to crush all opposition.” Lalu Yadav extended whole hearted support to the fugitive mouse.

Amidst all these regional, national and international politics, state police is trying to hunt for the mouse with lathis and mousetraps. The mouse was nowhere near being apprehended when reports last came in.