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Bill Gates confident that even with white money, Indians will buy pirated Windows

25, Nov 2016 By dasu

New Delhi: American business tycoon and philanthropist Bill Gates, who visited India last week after demonetization, has expressed confidence that even if only white money remains in circulation, people will still buy pirated version of Windows in India. Pirated Windows software is a multi-Million dollar industry in India where 99.99% of PCs run on pirated windows.

Bill gates
Bill gates asking PM Modi for change of 2000 Rs note

Mr. Gates visited India after demonetization when half of India was standing in a queue either in front of ATM or bank counters. He also went on to praise the step but he isn’t expecting any change in business for Microsoft, the company he founded back in 1975.

When asked about the impact of demonetization on the sales of Windows, Mr. Gates said, “Here in India, people have mostly short term vision as they believe everyone dies in the long run. They think why we should buy software at high costs when you get pirated version for a small fraction of the original cost. It is altogether a different matter that due to pirated OS, you lose out on periodic security updates and thereby your computer data, as well as others who are connected with that computer, will remain susceptible to attack from virus & hackers.”

“This short term thinking ensures that black or white money; people will still go for a pirated version and look to cut initial costs. Only way we can see a rapid growth in sales is if finance ministry announces that old 500 and 1000 Rs notes can be used to buy software. They are doing it for phone recharge so you never know, this may also happen”, Mr Gates added.

When we asked Mr Gates how he managed without cash during his India trip, he said,”Oh I paid in Dollars everywhere. Suddenly, nobody as complaining and everyone was willing to accept dollars. I was told that black market value of Dollar has gone through the roof after the crackdown on cash hoarders.”

After that, we took our leave as Mr Gates returned to restart his Windows 10 system.