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BJP lawyer confuses Article 370 with Section 377, ends up fighting for LGBT rights

01, Jun 2014 By Shaitaan Khopdi ™

New Delhi. A day after producing a Faking News article as evidence in the court proceedings, Pinky Anand, the BJP lawyer today confused Article 370 (that grants special autonomous status to J&K) with controversial Section 377 and ended up batting for LGBT rights.

While BJP top leadership was left red faced, their lawyer fought tooth and nail with fellow panelists on The Newshour, the highest court of India.

Pinki Anand
“It’s not like I am doing this for the first time.”

It all happened on Times Now‘s Super Prime-time where Arnab’s stand on Article 370 was to be announced as nation’s voice disguised as a panel debate outcome, no matter India wanted to know or not.

Arnab set the tone early by literally pounding anybody who dared to voice opinion contrary to his view. Message was loud and clear; you may or may not agree with Article 370, but you have to agree with Justice Arnab. Debate was going on as usual with Arnab letting his voice do all the talking.

Suddenly Mahesh Bhatt saw an opportunity to speak as Arnab paused to take a sip of water. Following the widely accepted behavior at The Newshour of suddenly bringing in a tangential topic in the debate, Bhatt said, “Section 377 is a very crucial. It is about rights of people of India, even if they are different than us.”

Pinky Anand opposed Bhatt immediately by saying that the article was draconian and must be abolished. She stressed that it should be people’s choice what they can do and what they cannot, where they can go and where they cannot. She proudly announced that it’s not about only J&K, many NGO’s are fighting against it all over India.

Realizing that the debate was on the right track with panelists not agreeing with each other, Arnab decided to continue the debate and said, “Ah! Very good point Mr. Bhatt! What about homosexuals in Kashmir? What is BJP’s taken on that?”

Pinky immediately realized her mistake, but like a true lawyer, she spun the things around by saying that there was not much difference between 370 and 377, as both limit the freedom of people of India. That statement sealed the deal.

Arnab was a little confused as he came prepared on Article 370, but had no clue that he will end up summarizing his opinion on section 377. The equally confused lawyer came out of Times Now studio amid loud cheers from LGBT rights activists who had gathered outside the studio and were chanting “Acche din aane wale hain“.

CNN-IBN took advantage of the situation and announced a debate to discuss LGBT rights. The debate will be anchored by Sagarika Ghose  and is appropriately named ‘Putting Lipstick first’.

Setting up an agenda for tonight’s debate Ms Ghose quickly shot up a tweet questions to Modi. “Even after 5 days in office why hasn’t Mr Modi reached out to LGBT community yet? Sign of things to come? Send me your tweets as we discuss it on my show tonight.”

The BJP lawyer was unavailable for comment.