BJP members ordered to watch Housefull 4 in cinemas

14, Oct 2019 By Sandeep Kadian

New Delhi: Ruling BJP has issued an order to all their members making it compulsory to watch the upcoming Bollywood classic Housefull 4 in cinemas.

ravi shankar prasad

Any BJP member not adhering to this within the first week of release will be removed from the party with immediate effect. This decision has been taken to improve the health of the economy and push India towards double digits growth.

Housefull 4 is the 4th installment of the greatest Bollywood franchise featuring Akshay Kumar. Like the previous movies, Akshay is surrounded by couple of side heroes and 3 heroines 1/3rd his age.

Speaking to the media, Law Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad said, ”Movie collections are the best indicator of the health of an economy and we want to make our economy as healthy as possible. We can’t leave everything in the hands of the common man so as the ruling party, we also need to contribute. Therefore, all BJP members have been asked to watch this great bit of cinema.”

Further, he added, ”Housefull series has always been a favorite of mine because of the high employment rate in the movie. There are always a number of actors and actresses. It has even kept Chunkey Pandey employed for a decade. If we don’t support them then who will?”

When asked if he will also be watching the film, Mr Prasad said, ”Oh no, thankfully my house is flooded in Patna so I got special approval from Amit Shah to take a vacation to drain that water our.”