Wednesday, 26th February, 2020


BJP supporter in Delhi stops using Cholesterol free oil mistaking it to be a freebie given by Kejriwal for elections

22, Jan 2020 By Santosh Pradhan

New Delhi. Blind support can be so fatal sometimes for people. Sanil Jain, a BJP supporter in Delhi stopped using cholesterol-free oil as he thought that it is Kejriwal’s way of luring the voters by giving everything free. Many supporters dis the same after looking at Sanil’s gesture and the sale of cholesterol-free oil is at an all-time low in New Delhi.


The AAP government sought to fulfill pending pre-poll promises in 2019 and made a string of announcements like free-bus rides for women, no electricity charges of up to 200 units, free WiFi, a free pilgrimage for senior citizens and waiver of development charges for new water and sewer connections.

Sanil always used cholesterol-free oil as he and his family are health-conscious, but as soon as Kejriwal started doling out freebies for the voters, he stopped purchasing Cholesterol free oil. He gets the costliest oil with more cholesterol, just to register a protest against the Delhi government giving out everything for free.

Sanil spoke to Faking News and said “I have stopped using Sugar-free. You already know about me not using cholesterol-free oil. I don’t want anything free. I want to pay for my goods and help the economy.”