Monday, 24th February, 2020


With his black jacket he looked like a lawyer from behind, so we kept safe distance: Delhi police on inaction against gun wielding man

31, Jan 2020 By @jurnoleast

A gun wielding man who opened fire on Jamia students in broad daylight. But more shocking that this incident is the inaction by Delhi police in apprehending the armed man.

dehi police

A group of policemen can be seen standing meekly in the background as the armed man brandishes his weapon. The shocking behavior of cops received flak on social media forcing them to come out with a statement. In their defense, the cops said that the man with the gun looked resembled a lawyer, which is why none of the cops wanted to get involved.

With the one sided brawl between Delhi cops and lawyers last year, still fresh in the minds of the authorities, cops at Shaheen Bagh just wanted to to be sure that the shooter was not a lawyer.

“He was wearing a black jacket and from that distance he looked like a lawyer. So we were just standing at a distance hoping he’d surrender. We stay away of people wearing black just like Salman stays away from movie scripts. Lawyer se panga kaun lega,” remarked a cop.

Sources say that the morale of police force has taken a beating after the infamous fight with lawyers. “Something needs to be done. We can’t have a police force that is scared of anyone wearing black. JNU students too wore black to scare cops during the lathi-charge a few weeks back,” said a retired cop while speaking to our reporter.

The incident has once again given an opportunity for Delhi CM to come out another promise for citizens of Delhi. “The police force is currently under the center. That needs to change first. Uske baad hamari sarkaar police walon ka huliya badal degi. Scotland Yard jaise bana doonga police jo sirf sau dino mein,” he said while speaking to his supporters.