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BMC announces Rs 1 Crore prize for finding illegal construction in RJ Malishka's home

28, Jul 2017 By Guest Patrakar

Five days after RJ Malishka released her rap song on Mumbai potholes, BMC announced on Wednesday a cash reward of Rs 1 crore for finding illegal construction at her home.

“Anyone who finds illegal construction happening at her home will be awarded Rs 1 crore,” reads the circular released by the BMC.

This happened after BMC failed to find anything illegal in her home. Reportedly, BMC has already fined Malishka for breeding mosquitoes in her home. BMC’s instant reaction against Malishka’s rap song, which criticizes BMC’s work, has made more people stand with her.

This is not the first time when BMC has troubled someone for finding fault in its work. Earlier Kapil Sharma, a famous standup comedian and Comedy show host, tweeted about corruption in BMC after which he had to face penalties.

One of the BMC employees, who wants to stay anonymous, said, “Malishka has been paid by opposition to defame BMC. There are no potholes on roads of Mumbai, what you see are 3 D arts. Instead of appreciating the work, Malishka has been constantly making fun of BMC employees.”

He further added, “Many athletes who qualify for Olympics and commonwealth are because of Potholes, they learn long jump, hurdle race etc. when they avoid potholes while walking.”

BMC is India’s richest municipal organization and it seems that its major source of income is by troubling and penalizing people who point out their mistakes.

PM Modi has already asked government employees to be sevak (servant) and not ruler. BMC clearly ignores it. BMC may close its ears but Mumbaikars have their eyes wide open and they are not only noticing the inefficiencies but also making them public on various social media platforms.