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BMC employee remains hidden in a pothole he fell into, only to avoid being noticed by people

24, Jul 2017 By Guest Patrakar

On Saturday, a yet another funny incident involving BMC happened in Mumbai. A BMC employee, Mr. Mhatre fell into a pothole and remain hidden for more than 12 hours. Apparently, Mr. Mhatre didn’t want to get noticed by people.

Mr. Mhatre later confessed that if people had noticed him it would have brought out the inefficiencies of BMC and being a BMC employee he would never want that.

Recently RJ Malishka made a rap song on BMC, telling people how our tax money is going down the drain even when city’s most of the drains have choked due to rains. BMC’s response to Malishka’s rap song was quite arrogant and instead of apologizing or rectifying the error BMC started finding faults in RJ’s work.

BMC people visited the RJ’s home twice to find out if anything illegal is happening. The way BMC has managed this controversy, it seems it has dug its own grave, as if digging roads was not enough.

Faking News reporter spoke to RJ Malishka’s colleague, RJ Raunac. Raunac said, “We are the generation that’s digitally connected to the world. We get information faster than BMC runs from responsibility. Attacking Malishka for pointing out BMC’s inefficiencies will not help in hiding them. Raunac further added “Potholes are like inefficiencies you can’t hide them you can only overcome them.”

BMC is accountable for the inconvenience to taxpayers, but whether potholes are BMC’s inefficiencies or its hard work to make Mumbai a city of ponds is yet to be found out.