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BMC Employees switch off their phones as Monsoon arrives in the city

07, Jun 2018 By Sandeep Kadian

Mumbai: Mumbai’s favourite season, the Monsoon, is here and with that comes the torrential rains and water-logged roads. This is the only season when Mumbaikars think of BMC and call them repeatedly after their residential area becomes water-logged. The potholes, which are taken as street art for the rest of the year, become a real pain as people keep falling into them because the standing water makes it difficult to spot these works of modern art. This results in them remembering BMC even more. To avoid all the inevitable complaints and whining residents, 90% of BMC employees have already switched off their phones, as per an internal survey conducted by BMC.

After a lot of hard work, Faking News managed to track down a BMC engineer who has switched off his phone for the next 2 months. Speaking on the condition of anonymity, he said,” What else to do, people keep calling us during monsoon to fix flooded roads, now what can we do about flooded roads, they are God’s gifts, enjoy them. Such nice open swimming pools we create every Monsoon and people keep complaining, thankless job we have. Ask people of Delhi what they will give for so many swimming pools in June and July.”

“Worst are the ones who call to complain that they lost stuff inside potholes full of water. Someone loses shoes, someone loses a child, someone loses a car, they all call us to complain about it. Arey bhai just have some patience, once Monsoon ends and the water dries out, you will find your car inside the pothole only, there is no exit from the pothole, is there? Samandar me to beh nahin jayegi”, he added.

When we asked why they can’t construct roads which don’t suffer from the problem of such giant potholes, he said, “Potholes are a part of our tradition and culture, how can we remove them? Even in Mahabharata, wheel of Karna’s chariot got stuck in a pothole. They have always existed and they always will.”