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BMC Engineer swims to check illegal construction at the house of person complaining about floods

30, Aug 2017 By Guest Patrakar

Mumbai: On Tuesday, heavy rains, accompanied by strong winds, wreaked havoc in Mumbai. Rail and road transport were disrupted after heavy rains that led to water logging in most parts of the city. The problem got compounded after the high tide in the evening. As the city started flooding, many residents started venting online against the BMC and their preparations for such heavy rains. One such man who was complaining whole day about BMC got into serious trouble for it as a BMC engineer swam to his house to check on any illegal construction.

Poor engineer had to swim through all this water to execute his duties

Ashok Patel, resident of Andheri west, was stuck at Milan subway when water level crossed the danger mark and reached Ashok’s eye level. Ashok somehow managed to take his phone out from his pocket and tried reaching out to his friends for help. After he couldn’t get any help, he tweeted to BMC complaining about the poor drainage system.

BMC took immediate action, tracked down Ashok’s home address and sent one of its junior engineers to Ashok’s house to check for any illegal construction. Since all rail and road services were disrupted, the engineer had to swim all the way to Ashok’s house.

This is not the first time when BMC has taken such prompt action. A few days back, R J Malishka had slammed BMC over potholes. After which, BMC had taken immediate action and had sent her a notice while conducting multiple visits to her house to find out any illegal construction.

Luckily for Ashok, his house was also totally flooded after the heavy downpour and the engineer couldn’t find out whether there is any illegal construction inside or not. However, BMC is all set to send another notice to him now for creating a breeding ground for mosquitoes through the stagnant water inside his living room.