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BMC officer en-route to serve notice to RJ Malishka gets injured after his bike falls into pothole

19, Jul 2017 By @jurnoleast

An officer from the BMC who was on his way to serve notice to RJ Malishka for breeding mosquitoes, ended up with minor injuries after his bike fell into a pothole. The incident took place in Bandra after the officer lost control of his bike owing to a huge pothole in the center of an arterial road.

Readers may recall that the RJ’s video. which went viral last week, has not gone down well with the BMC. Some say that the notice is corporations response to the video; a way of getting back for exposing the menace of potholes.

As per sources the aforementioned officer’s visit was a follow up on the earlier notice served a few days back. Though the officer escaped with few bruises, locals say that the spot is notorious for accidents.

“I saw a biker fall in that pothole. Later came to know that he was some BMC ka aadmi. We pulled him out of the pothole onto the footpath. But after he realized that he was lying on a footpath in Bandra, he got up on his feet and ran away. Haven’t heard from him since then,” said a shopkeeper who witnessed the incident.

After the news of the ‘notice’ spread on social media, many came out supporting the RJ, prominent of whom were Congress leaders who were at loggerheads with Shiv-Sena run BMC for mismanagement of potholes. Shiv-Sena leaders, who have all along been critics of PM Modi and his policies, were hoping for some support from Congress party. But that somehow didn’t happen in this particular issue leaving many confused.

In its defense BMC has said that it is being unfairly targeted. The administration is doing whatever it can to deal with potholes to ensure safety of every citizen.

“We have recently released an app that will tell citizens about the potholes and their location in the city. Now you can check their status on your smartphone before stepping out. I am sure this will bring down the pothole related incidents to single digit. Who says we are not doing anything?” questioned an irritated senior official.