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BMC officials accidentally stumble upon 'nepotism spreading mosquitoes' at Karan Johar's house, serve notice 

20, Jul 2017 By @jurnoleast

A day after they served notice to RJ Malishka, BMC officials are at it again and today served notice to Bollywood director Karan Johar for breeding nepotism spreading mosquitoes in his backyard.

Speaking to Faking News a BMC official said, “We were just done with serving a notice to Malishka and thought we’d check the surrounding areas too. While we were checking around Karan Johar’s house we stumbled upon a special type of mosquito. It looked different from the Aedes and Anopheles that we usually come across. We took a few ones to the lab for testing and later we found out that these mosquitoes were spreading nepotism in the neighborhood.”

“A person who gets bitten by these mosquitoes becomes a carrier of nepotism. Not to mention that it is highly contagious,” he added.

As per health officials, a major section of Bollywood is already a carrier of nepotism. The news evoked mixed reaction from celebs who immediately sought a conversation with their family doctor.

Our reporter spoke to Karan Johar who seemed relieved at the discovery of the special ‘nepotism’ breed. “I have been trolled badly for my IIFA onstage remarks. But now I hope everyone will understand that it these mosquitoes are to be blamed. Besides, I have already apologized for my remarks. What else do you want me to do,” he questioned.

At present there are no vaccines to treat this ‘disease’. But health officials have asked citizens especially those from Bollywood to be careful and take an appointment with their doctor in case symptom such as ‘excessive urge to launch a undeserving star kid’ seem to manifest.