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BMC to reclassify potholes bigger than one square meter as ponds

13, Jul 2018 By Guest Patrakar
After the initial monsoon showers, the roads of Mumbai have succumbed to potholes yet again and the poor drainage system is further adding to the woes. Four days of continuous rains have not only disturbed the Mumbaikars but have also exposed the so-called preparations of the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC). Meanwhile, Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis has come up with a new idea to reduce the number of potholes in the city.
Responding to a query raised by a media person, CM Fadnavis said that some potholes are so big that they can easily accommodate 2-3 persons, hence they shouldn’t be considered as potholes but rather as ponds. The CM further added that his government has taken several initiatives to resolve the water shortage problem and has been praised by world leaders. The CM’s proposal has created a havoc in the political arena; the BJP has defended Fadnavis’ proposal saying that the CM has not only reduced the number of potholes but has also increased the number of ponds in the city while the opposition has slammed CM Fadnavis and said it’s like PM Modi saying, “Unemployment is not the problem, rather the lack of data on employment is.”
Reports say that BMC has already spent more than 9 crore rupees this year so far to fill the potholes. Soon after CM Fadnavis’ statement, the BMC released a circular that says potholes of sizes bigger than one square meter and ten square meters will now be counted as ponds and lakes respectively.
If a law is passed as per the circular then Mumbai is likely to replace Bhopal as the new City of Lakes. Faking News reporter spoke to a resident of Mumbai, Mr. Patil, who ridiculed the CM’s proposal and said it’s like raising the “danger level” of a dam when water level surpasses the danger mark. Looking for out of box ideas, CM Fadnavis has fooled the public and the spirit of Mumbai has won once again.