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BMC runs out of roads to dig in Bandra, starts digging inside people's houses

27, Dec 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

Mumbai: With Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) elections on the horizon, incumbents at BMC are busy working 24X7 to boost their chances of a return in 2017. Having slept through the majority of the tenure, BMC is now undertaking all the construction activity at the same time. Under the same exercise, BMC has successfully dug up 100% of the roads in Bandra. Having run out of roads to dig, they have taken it indoors and started digging inside people’s houses.

Elections ahead- Men at work

While it has attracted special attention, this digging exercise is not restricted to Bandra. Roads all over Mumbai have been dug up as BMC rushes to do 5 years of work in 5 weeks.

Explaining the logic of all the digging, a BMC official said, “Till the elections are announced and code of conduct kicks in, we must keep digging. We may not do anything after digging the road but digging must not stop. Will all the equipment on the road and the barriers covering 75% of the roads, people think that BMC is doing a lot of work. We may be playing cards behind the barriers but public will think we are executing some mindblowing project behind those barriers. This creates positive sentiments towards the incumbents and helps them return to pwoer.”

“Bandra is an important location for us because many influential people live there. Therefore, we decided that construction must not stop there at any cost. Now we quickly ran out of roads to dig, hain hi itni kam, what else were we supposed to do,w e started digging inside people’s homes. We told them that this is a project of national importance and as patriots, we must support it”, he added.

When we asked if someone opposed the digging inside their houses, he said ,”There were a couple of idiots but we gave them the 2 reasons that settle every argument in the country today, Soldiers are standing on the border and farmers are dying. That shut them up.”

Meanwhile, a pissed off Bandra resident said while looking at the earth-movers moving inside his home, “Typical engineers. Didn’t do anything for entire tenure, now want to win the election in 5 weeks.”