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BMC says potholes consume water and less number of potholes this year led to floods

31, Aug 2017 By Guest Patrakar

The dazzling city of Mumbai has witnessed very heavy rains in the past two days. The rains caused traffic jams on all major roads. The situation got worse owing to the poor drainage system in the city.

Though BMC is answerable to the tax payers, it has blamed Mumbaikars for all the problems being faced in the city. BMC claims that less number of potholes has led to floods since the rain water didn’t get consumed within these potholes and remained on the streets.

BMC’s claim isn’t only shocking but is also an unintelligent defense seeing the plight of Mumbaikars due to the heavy rain and floods. Trains were sailing, houses were logged with water and in some parts of East Bombay, and even the electricity was cut.

Though the government advisory has asked Mumbaikars not to leave their offices or houses, some brave and committed Faking News journalists were reporting from ground zero or in some cases from ground negative, i.e. from potholes.

One of the Faking News reporters swam all his way to BMC L ward office to seek some answers. BMC officer Sadanand Hegade said, “Don’t blame us, if you must blame someone then blame yourself. You people (news reporters) are the reason behind the current situation of the city, you only forced us to fill all the potholes. ‘Ab gaddhe bhar denge to paani kahan jayega?’ (If we fill all the potholes, where would the extra water go?)”

Sadanand Hegade’s statement has made one thing clear that we ourselves are responsible for everything that happens to us. We can’t blame others, all we can do is vote for the right people. It is okay to have the Mumbai spirit in you, but that doesn’t mean you lose the courage to walk up to such lunatics and ask tough questions.