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BMC shocked with no large scale flooding in Mumbai so far this Monsoon

07, Jul 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

Mumbai: Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) officials are in a state of shock after no large scale flooding was reported in Mumbai after 2 weeks of heavy rains. Mumbai has been experiencing almost continuous rain for the past 2 weeks but surprisingly, there has been no major flooding incident.

Mumbai rains
No such visuals this year so far

While there have been some incidents of delays in Mumbai local trains and flooding of some parts during a particularly heavy shower, by and large Mumbai ahs avoided large scale flooding so far and BMC officials have been taken aback by it.

“Well, we know what to expect every Monsoon. Flooded roads, derailing daily lives of Mumbaikars but by and large; we haven’t experienced it yet this year. There was some problem with Mumbai local for a couple of days but it wasn’t due to flooding of tracks either so we are really confused. The amount of rain we have received over the past 2 weeks should have caused some major flood but it hasn’t. Have we cleared up all the drains by mistake?” wondered a senior BMC official.

“There were some roads that got flooded but only for the duration of a heavy shower, that is pretty much normal. There are some potholes and we got a few threats that our officials will be kidnapped if we don’t fix them, again normal. We are talking bus swept away by the water level flood that we simply haven’t experienced this year. I wonder where we went wrong. We will constitute a high level committee to find out why aren’t roads getting flooded this year”, the official added.

When we asked the BMC official whether they have no confidence in their employees, he replied,”Sir we have full confidence in our employees’ work. That is why we are surprised why water is draining out without obstructions.”

Meanwhile, BMC has assured the civil contractors that the roads won’t last the entire Monsoon and new tenders will be out once the rainy season is over.