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BMC to dig potholes and fill water in them so that Mumbaikars don’t miss delayed monsoon

30, Jun 2014 By jyotil

Mumbai. With the monsoon delayed by almost a month in Mumbai, Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) is worried that they will miss its potholes & water-logging targets.

From the last 5 years, BMC has either met or even exceeded the ambitious targets that it sets for itself. Sources confirm that the Municipal Commissioner called an emergency meeting over the weekend, where various measures were discussed to tide over this precarious situation.

Mumbai potholes
The mark of Mumbai

“We plan much in advance for the monsoon every year. Every ward has to have minimum number of potholes and water logging instances during the monsoon months. With June being a complete washout, or should I say dryout, we will have to plan for almost 33% more potholes and water logging instances in the next 2 months!” the commissioner explained the emergency situation they were in.

“It is difficult but not impossible!” the commissioner added as he saw worried faces of BMC employees, “We will put in all efforts to ensure that citizens are inconvenienced and don’t get used to smooth monsoon rides.”

Later, taking exclusively to Faking News, the commissioner claimed that he was personally monitoring the situation and has directed all the rebel teams to either slowdown the nullah cleaning and potholes filling work or even completely stop the same, should the situation persists.

“In the worst case, we will have to deploy agencies to create more potholes. Good thing is we can use the same agencies that are deployed for the filling work, since most potholes that they fill are again converted to potholes in a short time, so knowledge and skills are already there,” explained the commissioner on what steps does the BMC plan to plug the gaps.

“Potholes and water-logging are a part of this city’s charm and heritage, and we will not let errant monsoon put a blot on the same. If nothing else works and if, god forbid, we do actually end up cleaning up all the nullahs and fill all the potholes before the rains arrive, in an unprecedented step we will have to remove all the illegal ‘Vadhdivaschya Abhinandan (Happy Birthday)’ posters and replace them by ‘Go Slow, Work In Progress’ posters so that Mumbaikars experience a normal monsoon,” the resourceful commissioner declared.