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BMTC bus driver refuses to drive, says he can't balance the vehicle till it is completely full up to last footboard

18, Apr 2015 By dasu

Bangalore. Being the only economical way of transport for aam public of Bangalore, there is nothing one can do against BMTC. Some people like techie Kasirajan hope there would be a day he will be able to travel from White Field to Domlur by Metro. It has remained a distant dream for him so far.

When our Faking News reporter spoke to Kasi, he told us, “Looking at the work progress, I may not get a chance to travel by Metro, but I am more than confident my son will be able to travel by Metro. I am using BMTC service for last 10 years and looks like remaining years of my job life, I have to manage with them”.

When we probed further to know whether he is happy with the service, Kasi told us, “only good part till now is, BMTC does not ask for service charge for it’s service. Conductor feels a even though bus is meant for 40 people, he can fill at least 140 people inside through his skill.”

Bus, when carrying 70% of its overall capacity.
Bus, when carrying 70% of its overall capacity.

When people like Kasi question him, conductor says ,“Sir, you should not think about yourself, think from everyone’s point of view, how they will travel. This is our daily job, you do not have to worry, there are days I have managed 160 people inside the bus and all of them had a pleasant journey”.

Kasirajan told us “Few days back on account of Ambedkar Jayanti government offices were closed, I thought in the evening I will be able to reach home early as traffic was less. However the driver did not start the vehicle. Both conductor and driver were confident the bus will take at least an hour to fill, so they went out for a telugu movie to a nearby theatre knowing very well if they can see some portion of the movie, they can guess the full story line. They were right as they had lot of experience, bus took close to one and half hour to get jam packed.”

When we spoke to the driver, he told us, “I am habituated to drive only full vehicles, I have got my license in that condition only. I cannot balance the vehicle properly if crowd is less. BMTC inspectors have warned and told me you should start the bus when it is jam packed in such a way that people would struggle to take their mobile from their own pocket. Otherwise they will cancel my license.”

From time to time, conductor & driver argued ‘sir if you want, you can take another bus’. Commuters know very well, the BMTC bus frequency in public holidays is as low as a good innings from Rohit Sharma, so they kept quiet.

Kasirajan shared with us another problem he encounters in a BMTC bus. “Once in a blue moon, if I get a seat, the bus is so overcrowded, that 5 stops before I have to stand up and squeeze through the people to get down at my stop. I am happy the people inside the bus do not allow anyone to get in, but they do not allow anyone to get out of the bus either. On top of this more often you need to find the conductor to get your return change. It is far easier to find your lost brother in kumbh mela than finding the conductor in those crowded buses.”

Kasi concluded by saying, “Bus conductor is the only guy who remains charged up and shouts at the commuters to go inside, inside as if there is a spacious 4bhk is available to accommodate everyone.”