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BMTC to charge extra money from people who get free shower from leaking roof of the bus

19, Sep 2016 By dasu

Bengaluru: Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC) has come up with a novel way to increase their revenue. From now on, any passenger who gets a free shower during a ride thanks to the leaky bus roof, will be charged extra by the conductor.

Driver of a bus with free shower facility

Every year during heavy rains, roofs of some buses start leaking, windows don’t close properly, and the passengers start getting a shower free of cost. A consulting firm hired by BMTC made a proposal to monetize this service and BMTC has accepted this proposal.

“Everyone is in a rush in Bengaluru early morning because they know that traffic will consume half their day. In order to save time, many people skip a shower and then turn up at office either smelling bad or smelling as if they have taken a bath with cologne. Now we help these people get a free shower when they use BMTC buses during rains so why shouldn’t we also get some benefit from it?” a BMTC official said.

“We had hired a consulting firm to help us solve the problem of leaky roofs but they recommended that we use them to boost our revenues instead and we really liked the idea. Everyone who gets a shower in the bus thanks to the leaky roof will be charge Rs 10 extra. Of course we will need very alert conductors as this amount will not be charged while entering but when someone is exiting the bus. We have already started a training program for the same”, the official added.

Furthermore, he added ,”We can now motivate people to save water during rainy season by skipping bath at home and use BMTC buses for that. We will motivate more people to use public transport and at the same, save water. This is like the perfect solution to our environmental problems. We are trying to ensure that all the buses leak for us to extend this service on all routes.”

“Maybe we can pay someone 100 rs and a plate of Biryani to drill holes in all our buses”, the official added.