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BMTC conductor declares undisclosed income of 20 lakhs he has made by not returning change for last 25 years

31, Jul 2016 By dasu

Bengaluru: Income tax department is trying its level best so that more and more people come forward and disclose their undisclosed income before September end. This has inspired even a BMTC bus conductor who has declared an income of 20 Lakhs that he made by never returning change during his job.

Change is permanent, permanent with the conductor

“After we requested, intimidated and threatened people to disclose black money, things are changing for better now. For example, last weekend one BMTC conductor in Bangalore has disclosed that he has made additional 20 lakhs in last twenty-five years. The conductor whose identity I cannot disclose got this money primarily from two sources. One way by not issuing tickets to commuters and putting cash in his pocket directly and secondly, by not returning change”, said an IT official while speaking with Faking News.

When asked whether the conductor will be penalised, the IT official replied, “Oh no, not at all. The conductor was right. Buses are usually so crowded, how can he get time to take and give exact change. He has helped the passengers who did not have exact change to travel at a discount without ticket and honestly I have seen them write on the back of the ticket when they had to return change. It’s altogether different matter the people did not put enough effort to find the conductor while getting down. We can’t penalise the conductor for other’s laziness. In fact, we must applaud him for coming forward with this undeclared income.”

Despite IT department’s best efforts to hide the identity, Faking News found out the conductor’s details and contacted him for his story. When asked how h made so much money just by keeping change, he replied, “Ji this is my honesty. If I had refused even 5 Rs change like some other conductors, I would have been living in a massive bungalow today.”