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Board exam topper who is being fed sweets non-stop becomes diabetic

02, Jun 2017 By dasu

Noida: Ankit Agarwal who topped the CBSE board exam this year was feeling light headedness, dizziness for last couple of days. His parents took him a nearby clinic run by their family doctor, Dr. Mahesh Sharma.


Dr. Sharma was shocked to find such high blood sugar level for Ankit. “I know the family health history. No one is diabetic in the family. During my questionnaire, I came to know the reason behind this. Ankit has been fed sweets non-stop for last two weeks, especially from time news about him topping the board exam has come,” said Dr. Sharma.

Dr. Sharma added, “After noticing Ankit who has gained lot of weight, I asked him to do a fasting and postprandial blood sugar test next day. My suspicion was right. He has become diabetic at such a young age.”

Shell-shocked parents felt they are the one majorly responsible for this. “I was checking my credit card billing history. Out of last ten transactions, eight transactions point to nearby Haldiram sweets shop”, said Alok Agarwal, father of Ankit.

“Apart from our close relatives, Ankit’s school teachers and friends, so many people whom we do not know at all came home with sweets packet. Everyone will put a sweet in his mouth, will take one group photo and then each one will put one more to take one selfie. Bechara mera bete ka tabiyat bigad diya,” said Mrs. Agarwal while wiping tears from her eyes.

Mrs. Agarwal added, “Just look at the empty squash bottles on dining table, it shows how many guests visited us in last two weeks. Most notorious is these coaching institution people, they forced Ankit to say something good about their coaching institution, till he did that they did not leave our house. Then these news channel reporters. Morning breakfast se raat ka dinner tak yahan baithe rehte the.

Ankit has started jogging five kilometers every day. First time he scored less than 100 in something, that is his fasting blood sugar level and his parents are ‘ecstatic” with his underperformance.