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Bollywood actor celebrating Christmas with street kids left red-faced after no news reporter turned up to take pictures

26, Dec 2019 By @jurnoleast

An aspiring bollywood actor who spent Christmas with street kids in Mumbai was seething with anger after no news reporter turned up to take pictures.

Ritwik Ali Kapoor Khan who worked in a few B-grade flicks, was seen dressed as Santa and distributing gifts at Carter Road in Bandra. Sources say that Ritwik spent around two hours mingling with kids hoping to see at least one news reporter turn up.

But will most reporters busy with covering CAA protest, none turned up. The actor tried calling up some his friends in the media, but that too didn’t work.

At attention hungry actor then left in a huff while cursing the paps under his breath.

Insiders say Ritwik has done everything possible to get attention from not just the media but also from the industry. The actor who hails from Delhi changed his last name from Singh to Ali Kapoor Khan.

An obvious attempt to get attention from Karan Johar. Even going to the extent of calling himself a star kid.

Apparently, Ritwik has now complained to Editors Guild for lack of professional ethics in the media industry.

“These reporters stand outside airport like beggars waiting to click stars in their ‘airport look’ and here i am doing a noble deed and nobody cares,” he said while speaking to our reporter.

The actor seemed irked beyond words ad refused to entertain any news reporter henceforth.