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Bollywood adds a disclaimer ‘No part of the rain dance song was picturised in the month of May’

15, May 2016 By dasu

Mumbai. Unlike BCCI, Bollywood does not want nudges from courts to take initiatives that are good for the society. After the recent decision that demands a disclaimer about rash driving to be put at the beginning of the movie, now producers association have gone one step further. They have agreed to avoid shooting of rain songs during the month of May.

Rain song
Not shot in May

One of the leading film producers Mr. Hasmukh Mehta who was instrumental in bringing out these kind of disclaimers told us, “When full Maharashtra is suffering for water scarcity, how can we be so insensitive. As part of the notification we have suggested producers, directors to avoid such scenes or situations in the movie that demands rain dance songs. However there might be cases where scripts or actors will demand such scenes, we have advised them not to shoot such songs in the month of May and they must add a disclaimer at the beginning of the movie in this regard.”

Mr. Mehta added, “Initially we thought about recommending use of recycled water, however as the hero, heroine who will be living in their film characters during shooting of these high intensity scenes, might gulp few sips of that recycled water and fall sick. We also thought about using negligible quantity of water on hero and use the maximum quantity on heroine only, however some activists might term us sexist. So we have decided to avoid such practices.”

“Instead we have suggested the film actors and technicians who will participate in the shooting of the rain song not to take bath for a week at least. The water that will be saved can be used during shooting of the dance song. We have suggested heroines (offline), they need to come well prepared to the set so that we avoid unnecessary retakes,” said Mr. Mehta.

Mr. Mehta went ahead and shared some more ideas about disclaimers that will be introduced in near term like, “There was no passion at play during shooting of kissing scenes & the blows hero was raining on the villain were not as heavy as depicted on screen.”

Mr. Mehta said, “As some people get misguided by watching activities of different characters in movies, we will force both hero and villain to be wear caps in every scene”. Hero’s cap will have the caption Hero, Follow Him and in Villain’s case, Villain, follow at your own risk.”