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Bollywood is obsessed with Mumbai Police, why no Sooryavanshi like movie about Delhi Police

04, Mar 2020 By @jurnoleast

The latest installment of Rohit Shetty’s cop universe was unveiled yesterday. While many were excited for the movie after watching the trailer, Delhi Police wasn’t too pleased. Apparently, Bollywood’s obsession with Mumbai Police hasn’t gone down well with the men in khaki in the capital.

amulya patnaik

The Delhi Police Chief while speaking to Faking News questioned the need for such glorification of Mumbai Police. “What is it that Rohit Shetty’s so called cop universe has cops only from Mumbai. Does police force not exist in rest of the country. Why can he not make a Sooryavanshi on Delhi Police. We are equal, in fact even better than our counterparts in rest of the country. No where in the country will you find such dedicated, diverse, sincere and committed police force. It is time for bollywood to showcase our valor on the big screen,” said a senior official from Delhi Police.

“We have maintained peace when Delhi was in the grip of communal riot. What has Mumbai Police been in news for lately, other than tweeting memes,” he added.

The Delhi Police Chief is also planning to meet with prominent bollywood producers to share his concern. A meeting with top officials at the center is also in the list. Cops want strict punishment for those who call them ‘thulla‘.

Though Rohit Shetty did not directly respond to the Delhi Police Chief accusation of favoritism, a source close to the director spoke to use and said, “This Delhi Police gets trashed by lawyers. What valor are they talking about. What will we show? Cops raining lathis on college students.