Bored with nothing to do during lockdown, HR Manager starts taking job interview of family members

01, May 2020 By yogy

It seems the lack of tangible work during lockdown is increasing affecting many employees across the country.


With workplaces remaining shut, many employees are ‘work-sick’, especially those from HR department.

A Senior HR Manager at an IT couldn’t take the frustration of sitting idle anymore and has now started taking interviews of all family members.

Speaking to Faking News, one of the family member said, “During the initial couple of weeks, she started decorating the home. And now she is asking everyone for their resumes. Yesterday she took my interview and then after a couple of hours said ‘we will call you back’. I don’t know why and for what.”

Her family members have now requested her employers to mitigate the situation.

Similar scenes were also reported from homes having a family member working in the HR dept.

Many are now asking for Labor Ministry to intervene. The Ministry has promised that it will look into the matter.

“We wish that they be occupied with work just like they used to at their workplace. We are still hopeful that the lockdown will be lifted before teh festival season starts, which is like the ‘peak season’ for them. Once offices start with their decorations and stuff , things would start getting better,” said an official from the Ministry.